Air Conditioning Installation Design

A system designed and installed to your needs

We take pride in designing an energy efficient system that best fits the specific needs of you and your family. We perform a quality control audit after installation to ensure your new system is installed and operating correctly.


During our in-home visit, our comfort consultant will conduct a comfort survey. This survey will provide our consultant with an understanding of your current system. A sample of the topics include problem areas, indoor air quality, noise control, energy costs and savings, and warranties.

Our comfort consultant will conduct a visual inspection of your current system. This inspection will include an examination of your units, plenums, and ductwork. Our consultant will measure your heated space and prepare a load analysis to ensure your new system is the correct size. Then our comfort consultant will design and present you with a formal proposal for your new comfort system.

Your new system will be energy efficient, match your family’s needs, and create a healthier home environment. Most importantly, your new system will make you and your family more comfortable.

Our proposal is not an estimate or bid. Our proposal is an up front price for your comfort system replacement. Contractors who provide phone estimates usually encounter “issues” when they visit the property. They often times pass extra costs on to you, the unsuspecting consumer.

At Bushwood HVAC, our in home consultation allows us to prepare a comprehensive proposal. With 80% of our customers opting to use financing, our proposal will also include affordable financing options.

We look forward to designing and installing your new comfort system. Please click on the link below to schedule your in-home consultation!

Commercial HVAC Installation

The comfort of your customers and employees effects your company's productivity and bottom line. You need HVAC solutions that are cost-effective, well-preforming and reliable. Bushwood takes great care in the design and installation of our commercial systems. We are proud to bring the quality of Bryant® commercial systems to our commercial customers. Let us know how we can help your business to improve its indoor air quality.

Air Conditioning Install Efficiency

Why Quality Heating and Air Conditioning Installation Matters

A quality air conditioning design and installation is vital to operation and efficiency of your system. Improperly installed systems can significantly increase electricity usage, decrease equipment life and negativity affect your day-to-day comfort. Bushwood HVAC's highly-trained technicians will ensure that your system is designed and installed to avoid these common pitfalls.


Incorrect Air Flow

Incorrect air flow can cause several issues which impact the efficiency of your system and your comfort. Uneven temperatures will create hot and cold spots in your home. Pressure imbalance from bad airflow can result in drafty areas or produce annoying whistling noises and noisy grilles and registers. Poor moisture control can result from incorrect air flow, affecting your humidity levels, leading to discomfort and - in extreme cases - issues with mold. Incorrect air flow could add as much as 10% to your heating and air conditioning operating costs!

Duct Leakage

Duct Leakage can be a common issue with improperly installed heating and air conditioning systems. When the ducts leak, heated or cooled air is lost into attics and crawlspaces. This results in longer system run times to meet your thermostat setting. Uneven temperatures from leaky ducts can create hot and cold spots. Extra debris can be introduced into your system through improperly sealed ducts and boxes. This leads to clogged filters which can introduce health concerns such as dust, dirt, odor, and contaminants from crawlspaces and attics into your home or commercial facility. Duct leakage can double the HVAC portion of your energy bill!

Incorrect Refrigerant Charge

When your air conditioning system is improperly charged with refrigerant, it can create cascading issues. Your system may run at improper operating pressures, which may increase the failure rate of your compressor and air conditioning coil. Poor humidity control can result due to the reduction of moisture removal. The evaporator and condenser coil can freeze up due to insufficient refrigerant charge. You may even hear increased compressor noise. Refrigerant issues can add as much as 17% to operating costs!

Oversized Units

More is not always better. Often, customers will want the biggest air conditioning unit they can afford assuming it will be "better". But just as an undersized unit would cause comfort and operating issues, installing too large a unit can do the same. Oversized units can cause the temperature to drop too rapidly, creating large temperature variations in your home. Oversized units also do not run long enough to control humidity because there is not an adequate air flow across the coils to properly remove water from your air. Also because it cools too fast, the system will cycle on and off too frequently. This leads to shorter equipment life.

Bushwood HVAC knows how to design the correct heating and air conditioning system for your home or business, choose the highest quality equipment and ensure it is installed to operate at peak efficiency.


29 point Quality Control Audit

Bushwood HVAC will ensure your new comfort system is installed and operating correctly by conducting a 29 point Quality Control Audit. At installation, Bushwood HVAC checks the following items:

  1. Indoor unit properly installed and level
  2. Indoor coil properly installed and level
  3. Thermostat operationally checked and level
  4. Drain line(s) installed and tested
  5. Gas piping properly installed and tested
  6. Refrigerant piping properly installed and tested
  7. All low voltage wiring properly installed and tested
  8. Supply air register installed, adjusted, and level
  9. All insulation complete and secured
  10. All ductwork complete and sealed
  11. All penetrations sealed
  12. Furnace venting complete, secured, and checked
  13. Measure cooling supply and return temperatures
  14. Measure heating supply and return temperatures
  15. Electrical panel secured, breakers in proper position
  16. Condensate pump installed and operating properly
  17. Blower set for proper air flow
  18. Operating temperatures recorded with limits
  19. Operating pressures recorded with limits
  20. Emergency phone numbers provided
  21. All areas cleaned to customer's satisfaction
  22. All homeowner manuals provided
  23. All voltage line wiring properly installed and tested
  24. Accessories properly installed
  25. Air cleaner(s) properly installed
  26. Combustion air intake installed and tested
  27. All pilots lit
  28. Humidifier operation and drain checked
  29. Customer instructed in system operation